The Changing Digital Political Landscape: Lessons from Obama for America

I recently had to write a case study for my professor, Brian Toohey, on a disruptive technology. Naturally, I was inclined to take the political route and decided to look at the Obama for America Digital teams. Since 2012, I have had an admiration for the work that Teddy Goff, Michael Slaby, and Harper Reed all did. I think we, as in forward thinking Republicans, need to take heed of what they did and to appreciate it for what it was as in terms of technological and management innovations. With that here’s a copy of my piece, I hope you enjoy it.

Obama for America Case Study

Campaigns Never End

This maybe a skewed view from a Millennial, but it seems like today political campaigns are a never ending feature of American political life. While this may not be a new phenomenon, it has become more integral in recent years. I think this partially has to do with President Obama’s embrace of populism and mobilizing public opinion for political issues, with the fiscal cliff and sequester being two recent and obvious examples.
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A Conservative Christmas

Underneath my family’s Christmas tree, there were a few gifts that deserve to be highlighted. My father decided to give me a copy of some of the most notable episodes of William F. Buckley Jr’s Firing Line. This perfectly coincided with the book I had picked up upon the completion of my exams at Georgetown this past semester, Up From Liberalism, arguably one of Mr. Buckley’s best works. The confluence of these events with the gridlock that currently exists on Capitol Hill inspired me to write about the current Conservative climate and contrast it to the time that Mr. Buckley wrote the majority of his work in, a time when Conservatism was on the upswing in the United States.
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The Creative Capital for Hipsters

Choosing where you live determines a number of important things: whether or not you need a car, if you will live in a house or an apartment, and in it’s own way the types of industries you can work in.  What we don’t usually consider is that sometimes the decision of where to live was made for us on a more subconscious level. Research has been done recently on this by psychologists at Cambridge and the University of Texas.

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